The housing problem of students in Kars, which has a young population and a large number of higher education students, has been largely resolved. There are student dormitories of credit and dormitory institution and private people. In addition, students who can stay in rented houses, apartments and studio flats receive great support from Kars. In almost all units of Kafkas University, there are canteens and cafeterias which students can use continuously.  There is a 3-course lunch every afternoon at the student cafeteria on the central campus and every student can benefit. There are also student cafeterias in Sarıkamış Physical Education and Sports School , Sarıkamış Vocational School and Kagizman Vocational School.

Also, Prof. Dr. Nihat BAYŞU Guesthouse serves with  32 rooms, 64 beds, a restaurant for 220 people, a lounge for 200 people, a conference hall for 90 people and its side units by prioritising  the comfort and safety of the guests.


20 normal double room

12 suit room

Services Provided in All Rooms





Music broadcast

Hot water for 24 hours

Room service


Natural ventilation

The students of Kafkas University utilize  Kafkas University Hospital located in central campus.  While the students receive health services in many areas of the hospital as an inpatient institution, they can also benefit from the services of other hospitals in Kars when necessary. 

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