Our mission

Kafkas University School of Foreign Languages has the following principles;
To offer classroom and laboratory facilities to all Turkish and international students of our university to improve their foreign language learning skills,
To train students who have a good command of the foreign language and have high self-confidence,
To educate young people who have a common international language that will be instrumental in integration with the world, who can follow departmental courses for academic purposes, follow scientific and technological developments, and participate in international scientific activities,
To educate students who are familiar with the realities of our country and the world and who can benefit from the opportunities of knowing a foreign language,
From now on, foreign language education, which goes down to primary education and even before preschool, is no longer an annoying necessity for the students and turns into a pleasant learning process,
Bringing contemporary individuals who understand what they read and listen to, can express their understanding in written and verbal form, communicate easily with people from different cultures and have self-confidence,
To make the process shorter and more productive by making use of technological tools and equipment in the education and training process,
To contribute to the strengthening of cultural ties between Turkey and the Caucasus and Central Asia.
Our Vision
In the global world, where boundaries between many countries have been lifted and technology and communication have reached unimaginable dimensions, it has become a necessity to know a foreign language, and even efforts to learn the second and third foreign languages have started. Our country, which tries to take its place in the New World order, cannot remain in the audience for these developments in terms of education. Aware of the importance of foreign language learning, Kafkas University, School of Foreign Languages aims to create a student-oriented, active learning and teaching dynamics program. Students will be able to follow and interpret scientific and technological developments from foreign publications, interpret, translate texts, translate texts, translate documents in professional, cultural and social life by educating students to develop the research and development abilities of the students, sustainable and continuous learning. It is aimed to contribute to them being individuals with responsibility and self-confidence that can provide necessary language communication. A short, medium and long term strategic development plan is designed to be exemplary.
Philosophy of Education
Kafkas University School of Foreign Languages teaches to train with a team of dynamic and visionary faculty members who use all kinds of scientific methods and technological equipment and contribute to the foreign language teaching process, to be able to understand what they are listening to, to write what they want and to communicate with that language aims to educate students who can establish. In the process of achieving this objective;
Importance of foreign language and opportunities will be given priority.
The language to be taught will be determined by taking into consideration the demands and realities of the age as well as the demands of the students and modern educational techniques will be used.
A student group will be formed willing to learn the language by using motivating knowledge and techniques for language learning.
Appropriate teaching methods will be presented to the students by understanding the structure called the language and the functioning of this structure.
With the help of the students’ demands and the determinations we will make, it will first be determined which type of student needs information about the language.
Environments and activities will be organized to provide the opportunity for the student to use the language he/she has learned.
 Written and visual materials will be used, and technological devices will be used to create a student population who enjoys learning foreign languages and whose desire to learn increases as they enjoy.


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