Goals and Objectives

GOAL 1: To develop preparatory programs with strong infrastructure by increasing the quality of education and training,
Objective 1: Improving the quality of education and training infrastructure
- The number of foreign language preparatory classes with physical and technological infrastructure
- The number of computers available to students in language laboratories
- The number of units that have opened a foreign language preparatory program
GOAL 2: To have a service building of the school of foreign languages,
Objective 2: To have a service building of college with physical infrastructure and technological equipment
- Physical space and technological infrastructure compatible with the use of disabled students
- The number of newly created technological equipped classrooms
- Improving student satisfaction with academic and administrative staff
GOAL 3: Establishment of effective publicity activities of our school in national and international fields,
Objective 3: Dissemination of audio-visual materials for the effective publicity of our school
- The number of audio-visual materials and activities for an effective publicity
- Increase in number of students
- Increase in number of units opening a preparatory program
Policies and Priorities: The main policy and priority of our school is to provide our students a qualified education by which they may acquire foreign language knowledge and skills needed for expressing themselves in professional fields, exchanging information and following written and visual materials.during and after their university education.


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