4th Traditional Childrens Festival

Traditional Kafkas University Preschool Children Festival was held within the scope of "Community Service Practices" course at Dr. Necati KAYA Sports Hall on May 3, 2019 between 13.00-16.00 hours with the participation of Faculty of Dede Korkut Education, Department of Primary Education and Department of Early Childhood Education lecturers Sabri GÜNGÖR,  Member Şenay ÖZEN ALTINKAYNAK, Ali İbrahim Can GÖZÜM, Research Assistants. Nur AKSOY,  Raziye ERKUL, and 3rd-year students. 

The children festival was held with the participation of The kindergartens of Kars National Education Directorate (80. Yıl Cumhuriyet Kindergarten, 30 Ekim Kindergarten, Gül Çocuk Kindergarten, Nasrettin Hoca Kindergarten, Şehit Taner Özdemir Kindergarten, Yenişehir Kindergarten) and kindergartens of primary and secondary schools (Aydın Tanrıverdi Primary School, Kindergarten, Bahçeşehir College Kindergarten, Prime Ministry Mass Housing Kindergarten, Cumhuriyet Primary School Kindergarten, Çelik Başarı College Kindergarten, Presidency of Religious Affairs Kars Province  4-6 Age Quran Course children, GAMP Primary School Kindergarten, Halit Paşa Primary School Kindergarten, Ismet Pasa Primary School Kindergarten, Istiklal Primary School Kindergarten, Kartaneleri Nursery, Kindergarten of Kars Primary School, Kindergarten of Kazım Karabekir Pasha Primary School, Kindergarten of Mehmetcik Primary School, Kindergarten of Mihralibey Secondary School, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk Primary School, Namık Kemal Primary School Kindergartens and the administrators and teachers of these schools.

The aim of the festival is to provide the students with an awareness of university education in preschool education institutions in Kars, to gather children from different schools together and to have fun with various games. Children's festival started with a moment of silence for the founder of the country and the National Anthem, and then Head of the Department of Primary Education, Sabri GÜNGÖR gave an opening speech to the participants, and continued with a variety of games for preschool children, clown shows, various activities, continued with children's refreshments and ended with the delivery of gifts prepared by preschool teacher candidates to the children attending the festival.

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